Thursday, August 16, 2012

Silver Metallic Edge Necklace

Silver Metallic Edge Necklace

Silver edged quilling paper does make beautiful jewelry.   Quilling strips come in several metallic edges but gold and silver edges are the most popular.  Working with the metallic edges does take considerable more time.  The right and wrong side of the papers make a huge difference in making anything.  To get one strip with the wrong side out throws the whole project off.  On the outside edge of the necklace I have used silver foil so the black side of the strip does not show, because the quilling strip is silver edge on black. 
It looked like rain yesterday, but nothing.  God knows our parched earth needs rain and he will send some in his own time.  We can cope but we cannot make it rain.  Remember when they used to send up planes to “seed” rain clouds to try to make it rain. A little cloud would appear after a long dry spell and up goes the airplanes to seed the clouds.  Rain will come and we can make it through this dry spell.  I am amazed that although we live in an arid area we all think we are supposed or are entitled to lots of green grass and perfect lawns.  Average rain fall here does not mean green lawns everywhere.  The perfect trees for this area are mesquite trees – the hot weather does bother them, they just keep on living.  The shapes of the mesquite trees are wonderful – all bent and twisted, so interesting. And mesquite trees make wonderful climbing trees for children.  And mesquite chips are the BEST for grilling outside. 

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  1. Anonymous9/09/2012

    Aunt Betty. Would you please make me a necklace and earring set like this? Thank you. Cindy Gay